Workshop 6: Reconverting Space
Wednesday, 28 May 2008, 14.00-17.30 (followed by cocktail)
Urania, Dachsaal, 1010 Vienna

The workshop theme
Housing demand and individual housing needs are undergoing a continuous change, caused by demographic growth, societal changes and the development of diverse lifestyles. New spaces for living are required - but not only through new housing construction. Instead the workshop raises the question how existing spaces can be used in innovative ways in order to meet new demands. This subject is discussed from various different perspectives:

  • From an architectural perspective, when recent examples of flat redesign are used as a pool of ideas for innovative use of space;
  • From a sociological perspective, when open spaces in public houses are conceived as spheres for different, overlapping needs and uses;
  • From a technical perspective, when potentials and limits of novel glazed archades for increased living quality are examined;
  • And last not least from an urbanistic perspective, when it is discussed how to create innovative housing estates in former military barracks, thus setting free potentials for the entire urban district.

In the workshop results of recent research projects on these topics are presented. A guest lecture by Anna Hrdlicka from the "Swedish Industrial Design Foundation" will deal with the subject of high-quality design in social housing.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

14.00 Opening
Michael Ludwig, Vienna City Councillor for Housing and Regeneration

Wolfgang Förster, City of Vienna, MA 50, Division for Housing Research and international Relations

14.15 Living Spaces
Ressource redesign : Buidling site flat
Franz Denk & Maja Lorbek, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Denk - Lorbek - IG-Architektur

Guest Lecture: Design and Architecture in Housing for all – a way to combine competencies for better user focus
Anna Hrdlicka, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, Stockholm

15.30 Coffee Break

16.00 Open Spaces
Enough light? Living quality through fully glazed balconies
Renate Hammer & Peter Holzer, Danube University Krems, Department for Building and Environment

Open spaces in subsidised housing. Case studies from Vienna
János & Daniele Kárász, "search and shape" - institute for landscape / architecture / social anthropology

17.00 Urban Spaces
Barrack-Conversions - Closing opens up new spaces
Jens Dangschat, Vienna University of Technology, Department for Spatial Development, Infrastructure, and Environmental Planning (ISRA)

17.30 Evening Cocktail