Workshop 7: Simply social housing
Tuesday, 15 December 2008, 13.30-17.30 (followed by cocktail)
Künstlerhaus, Karlsplatz 5, 1010 Vienna

The workshop theme
There is almost no other European city that is being associated with social housing as much as Vienna. Since the 1920s social housing in Vienna developed continuously. Almost 60 percent of the Viennese households are belong to the subsidised sector. Today several societal and geopolitical developments like immigration, the ageing society or increasing low-income groups pose a challenge to social housing policy. A number of recent research projects deals with specific aspects of this issue:

  • Affordability of subsidised housing: How can public housing construction in Vienna keep its high level of quality while at the same time assuring affordability?
  • Reacting on housing needs: Different target groups are characterised by diverse requirements as far as size, configuration and endowment of their flats are concerned. How can social housing take into account the diverse needs of its clients?
  • Tenants satisfaction: Generally speaking, the issue of "housing" has a positive connotation in Vienna and stands for high quality of life. How satisfied are residents of public housing?

The seventh housing research day was embedded into the exhibition "Housing models - experiment and everyday life" and into the Wiener Wohnbaufestwochen 2008/2009 - a "festival" of housing in Vienna. Together with the curators Michael Rieper and Oliver Elser, the Dutch housing expert Hans Ibelings guided participants through the exhibition. In his keynote speech Hans Ibelings dealt with crucial aspects of social housing from a comparative international perspective.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

13.30 Guided tour through the exhibition "Housing models - experiment and everyday life"
Michael Rieper & Oliver Elser, curators of the exhibition
Hans Ibelings, Editor of "A 10 - Magazine for new European architecture", Amsterdam

14.00 Opening
Michael Ludwig, Vienna City Councillor for Housing and Regeneration

Wolfgang Förster, City of Vienna, MA 50, Division for Housing Research and international Relations

14.15 Affordability & usability
Second life. European housing in an age of population decline
Hans Ibelings, Herausgeber von "A 10 - Magazine for new European architecture", Amsterdam

Simply social housing
Robert Korab, Thomas Romm, Annika Schönfeld, Raum & Kommunikation, Technisches Büro für Städtebau und Raumplanung, Vienna

15.30 Coffee Break

16.00 Tenants satisfaction & life sentiment
Tenants satisfaction and mobilty in public housing
Günter Ogris, SORA - Institute for Social Research and Analysis, Vienna

Life sentiment in public housing estates
Wolfgang Tomaschitz, Trendcom, Vienna

17.00 Supply & demand
Vienna is in need for public housing construction - a quantitative analysis
Michael Wagner-Pinter, Synthesis Research, Vienna

17.30 Evening cocktail