Housing and Housing Policies in Large Cities
Housing as a top priority in Vienna

Housing has always been a top priority on the municipal agenda of Vienna. This tradition has produced tangible results which have won international acclaim. Its excellent reputation provides an incentive to the municipality to check continuously whether it makes best use of the potentials available in Vienna.

Vienna: a special position in the OECD housing context?

Such an assessment has to be complemented by a comparative exercise. In order to evaluate Vienna´s position, it is necessary to monitor developments in other cities in Europe (and beyond).

Basic information in three formats

The "Housing and Housing Policies in Large Cities" monitor provides such comparative information in three formats:

  • "City reports" (for Ankara, Athen, Barcelona, Belgrad, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Bukarest, Hamburg, Helsinki, Izmir, Lyon, Madrid, Mailand, München, Paris, Stockholm, Turin, Vienna and Zurich)
  • "Contrasting cities" (a comparison of Vienna with twelve other cities in the OECD area)
  • "Comparative reports" (special reports on population, housing, urban profiles)

The comparative reports that have been published so far can be downloaded from the website (cf. left column). A list of all finalised reports is attached to each publication.