Script Open Space - Options and Requirements for Residential Buildings

Script Open Space focuses on landscape design as a potential and a chance for the future of residential building. It is addressed to building developers, public authorities, architects, landscape architects and residents.

The goal is to unfold an inspiring latitude of possibilities, which goes far beyond the common planning routine, as well as taking account of ordinary situations and expectations: A prospect of the chances landscape design is offering for condominiums and subsidized housing. The script covers eleven thematic areas, each including 1 to 4 chapters, following central topics of open space design. Each chapter ends with a catchword-list of suggestions for realisation.

Carefully selected images of realized projects (from Austria and abroad) are the main performers. They are accompanied by dense texts, having a kind of independent existence, without describing the images, giving references or direct comments occasionally. The intention: to merge pictures and text to an ensemble in the imagination of the beholder. Readers can roam through housing landscapes, can find challenging questions, which appear in the planning process constantly, or which turn out to be essential for the development and sustainment of open spaces.

Script Open Space introduces attractive options for a variety of topics: reflecting the pro and contra of solutions, their adequacy for specific situations. Thereby images were included, which refer to other than residential projects, but show design proposals and solutions, which could fit for housing as well. The research documents a wide international spectrum, presenting works of landscape architects, architects and artists. The ambition is to illustrate a reservoir of options: the potential stock of interesting creations, innovative solutions and qualified experiments.

The composition of the image sequences could be seen as arbitrary and for sure be arranged in many different ways. It reflects horizon and ideas of the authors and, after all, the legal availability of images. Script Open Space does not pretend to be complete, but is conceived as a work in progress, as a growing project with an open end.